With our extensive experience providing smart technology and integrated systems, we can provide thoughtful discussion and valuable insight about what products and solutions work best to achieve your desired result. We give guidance and insight on what brands and technologies are reliable and which are most compatible with others.

We’ll get you up to speed on the latest innovations and trends and answer all your questions. Our collaborative approach results in ideas and creative suggestions on how to incorporate technology to enhance your life at home or for a business. We will distinguish the types of technology that may give you issues versus that which can save time, money and frustration.

Project Specification

Throughout your project, we will cater our knowledge and expertise to your specific preferences and needs. We work collaboratively with other professionals, like architects and engineers, to ensure thoroughness when preparing contract documents and construction requirements.

Our project specifications describe the type and quality of every product needed and address any necessary codes and standards.

Design & Engineering

Comprehensive and thoughtful system design and engineering results in the most efficient balance of functionality, reliability, and aesthetics. Avoid costly mistakes, changes, and tearing up walls once they’ve been closed.

We pay careful attention to the numerous details involved with smart technology and integrated systems to ensure they are easy to use, deliver consistent performance and allow for future expansion or upgrades.

Everything from wiring infrastructure, hardware location, control device placement, user interface design, power management and blending equipment with architectural elements and interiors is planned out in advance. We coordinate with architects, engineers, interior designers, general contractors, and affected sub-contractors to ensure the best result.

Lighting Design

Our lighting experts will create an efficient and elegant lighting solution that illuminates your space for function and aesthetics. We consult and collaborate with architects, engineers, interior designers and general contractors.

You’ll receive documentation for fixture specifications, placement, and electrical plans so that you are kept informed and prepared for future upgrades. With our technical expertise and precise design techniques, the resulted lighting design will enhance any space.

In post-installation, we focus and aim fixtures to optimize how light strikes objects and surfaces. This comprehensive and intentional approach creates a complete and detailed out-come for you to enjoy.

System Documentation

Documenting the technology system design in advance of actual construction results in a smooth construction process. All parties involved in building your space will benefit from clearly defined drawings for device location, pre-wire, technical power, schematics, rack elevation, lighting control, motorized window treatments, equipment space planning, video sight lines, requirements for video niches, and more.

We can collaborate with a professional design team composed of architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and consultants to reduce confusion and achieve a comprehensive and efficient project from start to finish.

Project Management

A smart technology project takes effective planning, organizing, and allocating resources to make sure it’s completed on time and with the desired result. Additionally, procedures and protocols need to be met, and unexpected issues should be resolved quickly.

Our dedicated project managers oversee all details and consistently communicate with the contractor, subcontractors, and owner. Job sites contain many moving parts, so having a solid, experienced person responsible for bringing it together makes all the difference.

Given the multifaceted nature of integrating different subsystems like audio/video, lighting control, climate, security, networking, and more, we take a proactive approach and communicate with all parties every step of the way.

Wire Installation

It’s often out of view behind the walls, but wire and cabling provide the electronic infrastructure for your smart technology system. The performance quality of your audio and video, security, CCTV, home network system and communications is impacted by the quality of the wire installation.

Our technicians plan and implement all of your cabling needs in new construction or when upgrading an existing space. We take pride in selecting appropriate wire and in the craftsmanship of the installation to maximize performance and allow for easier maintenance and future upgrades.


Smart technology and integrated systems need to be pursued with skill, precision, and some finesse. As much as we value our manufacturer partners, different products and brands have nuances that require special know-how and experience to optimize installation and access all the needed functionality.

Our team of trained technicians receives ongoing education and stays up to date on the latest standards and best practices. We take pride in executing your system design with quality craftsmanship so that it functions reliably and as desired.


Making sophisticated technology easy to use for any user, while still producing quality performance, requires advanced work on the backend. Control systems continue to integrate many subsystems like audio/video, media, lighting, shading, climate, and more.

Even if the equipment is properly selected and robust, the programming effort will determine whether its use is intuitive. Our programmers balance the technical know-how with the human element so you won’t need a manual filled with convoluted instructions. We make our technology easy to control whether you’re using a touchscreen, keypad, remote, or smart device.