Here are some of the services that we provide. Some services may not be in your house, but feel free to contact us at anytime to get a free estimate of what you request for your house.

Whole House Audio & Video

  1. Multi-Room Music & Surround Sound
  2. Home & Professional Theater Systems
  3. Customized Remote Controls for Clients needs (User Friendly)
  4. Complete Plasma,LED, LCD, DLP & Projector/Screen Installation

Home Automation

  1. Complete Lighting Control Installation
  2. HVAC and Shade/Drape Control
  3. Touch-panel and Keypad Control

Front Door Intercom and CCTV

  1. Front Door Intercom with Camera
  2. Installation and Integration into Local Phone System
  3. Installation of Security Cameras w/ Digital Video Recorder 

Central Vacuum

  1. Pre-Plum House for Direct Plug Vacuum
  2. In-wall Kick Sweep & Dust Pans
  3. Complete Installation w/Attachments & Power Heads

Computer Network & Phone Systems

  1. Trim Network Wire at Various Locations
  2. Install 10/100MBps & Gigabit Network Hub
  3. Prepare System for DSL or Cable Modem
  4. Phone Systems



For a list of refrences and equipment dealers please contact Jim Navarro.


Contact us at 714-719-2802